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Ask me in my more sincere moments and I'll tell you this about writing: All we have in this world is chaos and the stories we tell each other to make any sense of it. 

Anyway, I'm obsessed with storytelling and could have dueling TEDTalks with writer friends all day long. I write screenplays, film reviews, short stories, and recently completed a manuscript for my first novel. 

I've written stories since I was a kid, been the ham of the family, and re-enacted cartoons for my siblings by candle-light when the power went out. I've made city-wide scavenger hunts for friends. If you give me half a chance I'll turn the nearest couch into a make-believe submarine. Those who know me know that is true.

I just want stories in return.

The purpose of growing old is to collect stories, then give them away again. The more places you see, the more books you read, the more people you care about, the two knees you scrape, the more your heart can break the better the stories are.

And we need them.

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