Samuel is a portrait and headshot photographer based in South Bend, IN.

Raised in Chicago, Sam studied writing at Columbia College. He sharpened his photography skills in LA, and brings a distinct, artistic eye to his shots. As a storyteller, Sam believes the best stories are told in a person's eyes. He strives to find the story in the image.

Sam uses humor, music, and storytelling to help prompt the model, resulting in soulful and expressive images.


I had only met Sam once before we worked together, but when we met to shoot I felt like we were old friends. He immediately made me feel at ease and inspired my creativity. I am so proud of the photos we got and I found myself thinking, "wow I didn't know I had that in me!" I'm thrilled with my experience with Sam and could not recommend him higher. Work with Sam: you will have a blast and get exciting and interesting photos. Can't ask for more than that! Thank you Sam! I can't wait to work together again!

- Maddy

Sam is not only amazingly creative but also impressively talented at making a model feel comfortable. He is as serious about his art form as he is down to Earth. His attention to detail and proclivity for capturing the emotional words unsaid is unparalleled. I have had the pleasure of doing two shoots with him, and the experience and results of both were inspiring. One shoot was with my dog and his easy-going nature, patience and creativity produced and caught so many cherished moments. I recommend Sam for capturing any artistic or sentimental endeavor. You will not be disappointed!


I had the pleasure of working with sam this past week & within that 1 - 1 1/2 hour we created work that I am incredibly proud of! From the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable, welcomed and like I could be myself. He knows what he is doing & gives you the freedom to do your thing. He give some direction by feeding you moods and moments to immerse yourself in (which I think is fabulous and preferable). I can wait to create more art in the future with Sam.

- Austyn

Working with Sam was so fun! I'd never sat down for an official portrait session in a studio so I had no idea what to do or expect. Sam handled all the technical side so I could just enjoy myself and chat during it. I had no idea how the photos would turn out since I wasn't even thinking about it while he shot the photos and they turned out so beautifully! Love how Sam shoots and edits. And the conversation during the shoot is just as fun :) Definitely recommend him!


I can easily say that Sam is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. He made my husband and I feel completely at ease and the shoot was effortless! He was fun, laid back, and kept us laughing throughout the shoot. The direction he gave was spot on, and I got some of my most favorite photos EVER. I can’t recommend him enough!! And on top of it all, he sent the proofs super quickly! Seriously, the BEST.

- Caitlin

I can't tell you how much fun we had working together. I had never been professionally photographed before, so I was more than just a little nervous. He was able to capture an essence that others had mentioned was there, but I had never personally seen up until he showed me the photos. He truly is an artist.

- Joanna

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